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 A. Lippmann, an established family company that has been operating in the construction industry for more than four decades in the execution of private and public projects

Our uniqueness is in the planning and performance quality to a high and meticulous standard, which is made possible thanks to the combination of entrepreneurship and execution in the field, under the same roof

Most of our work in the last decade is in the field of urban renewal, where at any point in time we concentrate on a limited number of projects that we accompany from the concept stage to the receipt of the key

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Our expertise

A. Lippmann

A. Lippmann


Urban renewal

The main activity of the company is entrepreneurship and the execution of unique urban renewal projects. We believe that when the entrepreneur is also the operator in the field, the quality of the building is at it's best


Private construction

The company has extensive experience in managing projects of private luxury construction at an uncompromising execution level


Project management

The company has extensive supervising experience' managing projects in the public and private sectors

Experience. Reliability. Quality

  • A. Lippmann Ltd was founded in 1986 as a licensed and certified private construction company
  • Registered as a member of the Tel Aviv District Contractors and Builders Association. Contractor Number 18832

Family-owned company

Assaf Lippmann

ME in construction management

Ido Lippmann

Construction engineer

Matan Lippmann


Over the years, the company has gained it's reputation and rich experience in unique construction fields
Such as preservation and strengthening of buildings, using the latest methods and technologies in the construction industry
Over the years the company has been involved in the construction of many projects,
.exclusive villas with the highest levels of finish, residential buildings and luxury office buildings

Today, the core business of the company: initiating, planning, executing and managing prestigious construction in the private and public sectors

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